The arithmetic performed in a machine involves numbers with only a finite number of digits, with the results that many calculations are performed with approximate representations of the actual numbers. The fundamental problem with most real-number computations is that their accuracy is not guaranteed. Increasing precision does not prevent this problem. Small errors can accumulate rapidly. Limitations in the representation of numbers can quickly cause completely wrong results. After a series of arithmetic operations we may not know the exact answer because limitations in the representation of numbers. (More one can find in: accuracy.pdf)


The idea of verified computation is based on the rigorous estimation of the influences of uncertainties on the calculation. Such uncertainties arise mainly from two reasons. First is associated with computational inaccuracies based on the finite accuracy of the computational environments. Second reason is the fact that there are uncertainties in the variables of the model to be analyzed. (More one can find in: vercal.pdf)


Applications of QR-based algorithm to determination of Lyapunov dimension of attractor of chaotic dynamical system. ts2003cames3.pdf


Chaotic dynamical system. Michael Cross. California Institute of Technology. There are lecture notes and associated numerical demonstrations written in Java to be accessible over the internet. Chaos on web Introduction to chaos


COMSOL is an interactive environment to model single and coupled phenomena based on partial differential equations (PDEs) - the equations that underlie most science and engineering applications. COMSOL


Thanks to our webMathematica technology, you can now get a taste for Mathematica and solve some practical problems right here on the web. webMathematica provides a collection of tools that allow Mathematica commands to be placed inside HTML pages; each time the page is requested from the server, these commands are processed by a Mathematica session. In addition, the tools control the Mathematica sessions on the server and provide support such as launching, initialization, session pooling, and automatic restart. webMathematca


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